CORKMARKET was founded by a team that grew up near the cork oak trees most of their life’s. We know and understand it’s properties and it’s traditions, every detail since the right period of extraction to it’s use as final product. We enjoy the comfort that the material brings and the practicability of it’s use, and we want to bring this to more persons.

Our input materials of cork are produced in one of the largest, the most technology advanced and experienced factories in Europe, located in Portugal and operating since 1924., and our brands of products are used and sold in all corners of the world, from USA, Russia, Asia, South America and all across Europe.

The experience accumulated joint with the R & D investment keeps the company has one of the best cork products suppliers, offering the best guarantees and  sticking to our contractual obligations, because we know we produce quality.

Our phone rings, and we are glad to give you the best solutions for our business partners.

Our Vision

To be the elected partner across the globe for the main innovative designers and brands that are focuses on bringing the final Client a higher comfort level


To produce new products across the world, with a character of innovation, that increases the comfort in the life of our final Clients and that potentiates improvement in products portfolio of our business partners across the world, respecting nature and people


Responsible selection of all our products and business partners in the value chain
Continuous improvement of our team capabilities
Continuous follow up/feedback and interaction with all Clients and business partners
Respect nature and people

Let’s Work Together


If you’re looking for a limited series or mass production we will make a perfect fit, using our technology and a range of coatings solutions to improve your cork product life time cycle. CORKMARKET also provides customization with different printing or inscription solutions. From concept to deliver, trough production and packaging we provide our clients with the most suitable solutions.