Advantages of using cork

Cork presents several advantages in comparison with other materials and each of those improves your product benefits, specially if you integrated in the right way.

Cork by it’s nature is:

1. Tremendously light
2. impermeable to liquids and gases
3. elastic and compressible
4. resilient, with excellent ability to recover its original shape after pressure
5. thermal and acoustic insulator of remarkable capabilities
6. a great vibration absorver
7. slow burning
8. wear-resistant
9. 100 % ecological, recyclable bio-degradable

More reasons to integrate cork in different applications

Cork versatility leads to it’s use it many applications across all industries and each year new innovative projects and products appear.

Construction & Decoration

The usual cork flooring’s, wall coverings, cork skin, cork rolls and sheets or cork paper are products already with tradition in construction and decoration industry. In CORKMARKET this material work as inputs for our products for this same industries, generating as output for example cork expansion strips for floor joints, 3D cork wall coverings, cork customized boards for wall and furniture covers or decoration objects as cork wall clocks a. Many other products you will find in portfolio  also for Homeware and Office.


Cork features are also valuable in other different industries. In food & beverage since its history is traditionally incorporated in bottling process not only for wine or alcoholic drinks (By the way did you know Coca-Cola used cork as a stopper for many years?) but more recently it was reinvented is use and generate a new trend for our Clients using it in new original designs as stoppers for jams, natural juices, packaging for high-end cosmetics or luxury wine bottles.

Speaking of packaging our cork products also help in the transport of glass in form of cork pads for glass protection, or as pads for furniture for it’s and flooring’s protection.

Because we mentioned transport, cork is also associated with use in automotive industry and train construction (Do you know even NASA uses cork on space shuttles?) for seats of for acoustic and thermal insulation panels. Cork is still used as a material for different gaskets applications.

The true is that when technology and cork were combined this allowed us to create appliances for this material in all industries.

Consumer goods & Office aplliances

Nowadays most of our Clients inquiries and orders are related to consumer goods and office products, witch shows a global trend to replace plastic and other materials for one fully ecological. Nature is becoming a priority and cork features combined with our solutions of coatings and processing technology is allowing to grow the general use of cork products such as hot pads, table mats, coasters, cork boards with different shapes or at least cork use as a integrated material combine with other such as coffee cups or mugs, cork sleeves for cold or hot beverage glasses or handles for pans or other appliances like tools.

The trend for corporate and environmental responsibility led also corporations to ask cork products for giveaways or office appliances since cork cover notes to cork tags for identification or simple desk organizers.

From flower pots of cork to the fashion industry you can see the products we manufacture in many points of the globe.

custom cork products

About Us

Our input materials of cork are produced in one of the largest, the most technology advanced and experienced factories in Europe, located in Portugal and operating since 1924., and our brands of products are used and sold in all corners of the world, from USA, Russia, Asia, South America and all across Europe.

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Let’s Work Together


If you’re looking for a limited series or mass production we will make a perfect fit, using our technology and a range of coatings solutions to improve your cork product life time cycle. CORKMARKET also provides customization with different printing or inscription solutions. From concept to deliver, trough production and packaging we provide our clients with the most suitable solutions.