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Cork Features

Advantages of using cork Cork presents several advantages in comparison with other materials and each of those improves your product benefits, specially if you integrated in the right way. Cork by it's nature is: 1. Tremendously light 2. impermeable to liquids and gases 3. elastic and compressible 4.

Why is Cork ECO ?

How is cork extracted? Each trunk has to reach a circumference of 70 cm when measured at 1.5 metres from the ground. The first stripping, produces the so-called virgin cork which will be used for applications other than cork stoppers (flooring, insulation etc.), since its quality is

Let’s Work Together


If you’re looking for a limited series or mass production we will make a perfect fit, using our technology and a range of coatings solutions to improve your cork product life time cycle. CORKMARKET also provides customization with different printing or inscription solutions. From concept to deliver, trough production and packaging we provide our clients with the most suitable solutions.

Our Work

In CORKMARKET we transform our Clients ideas in functional products using the most suitable cork materials and adapting the technology to deliver them in a balance of quality and economic efficiency.

Recent Works

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